When it comes to whiskey, few regions of the world can match the consistency, quality, and flavor offered by small batch bourbon whiskey produced in Kentucky. From its unique distilling process to its distinct taste, there’s a lot to love about this type of whiskey. Let’s take a closer look at everything that makes small batch bourbon so special.

The Distilling Process

Small batch bourbon whiskey is made using a unique distilling process that involves careful selection of grains, aging in charred oak barrels, and bottling at a single distillery. The end result is a high-quality spirit that has been crafted with precision and skill. The exact ingredients used in the production process can vary from brand to brand, but typically include corn (at least 51%), rye, wheat, and malted barley.

The Taste

The taste of small batch bourbon whiskey can vary depending on the specific brand you choose, but generally speaking it is known for having notes of caramel, vanilla, woodspice, and oak. It also tends to be smoother than other types of whiskies thanks in part to its unique aging process. Additionally, because it is bottled at a single location rather than blended from multiple sources, small batch bourbon retains more flavor than traditional blended whiskeys.

Bottle Labeling Requirements

In order for a bottle of whiskey to be labeled as “small batch” in the United States, it must meet certain criteria. Specifically, it must have been produced at one single distillery or location and must be limited to no more than 25 barrels per run. Additionally, it must contain no more than 100% grain spirits or 50% neutral spirits (which are grain neutral spirits). Finally, all bottles labeled as “small batch” must also contain an age statement on their labels indicating how long they have been aged in oak barrels prior to being bottled.

Whether you’re looking for something smooth or something with bolder flavors, Kentucky small batch bourbon whiskey is sure to satisfy your craving for quality spirits. With its unique distillation process and distinct flavor profile there truly is something special about this type of whiskey that sets it apart from all the rest. So grab yourself a bottle today and enjoy the taste of high-end craftsmanship!

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