Home brewing beer is a fun and rewarding hobby that can save you money in the long run. Not only is it cheaper to brew your own beer than to buy it at the store, but you also have complete control over the ingredients that go into your brew. Below, we will discuss some essential tools that every home brewer needs to embark on this very rewarding (and delicious) pastime.

If you’ve ever wanted to brew your own beer, then you need to know about the essential tools that every brewer needs as well as some extra accessories that could make your life easier all around as you navigate the process. These tools will help you make the perfect batch of beer, every time.

Brewers will need a hydrometer to calculate the brew’s ABV and determine when it is done fermenting. A hydrometer is a simple tool that any home brewer can use to get accurate readings. Tip: When the FG reading on the hydrometer is the same two days in a row – the fermentation process is complete!

Brewers will need a brewing thermometer to tell the temperature of the brew,  both during and after the boil. This is important to make sure that your brew ferments at the right temperature at every phase.

Every home brewer should also have a bottle capper and bottles to store their beer once it is finished fermenting. Bottle cappers come in both hand-held and bench models. The type of bottle capper you choose is up to you, but both work equally well. A capper is used to seal the bottles after they are filled with beer. A good capper will make sure that the bottles are sealed tightly so that no air gets in and spoils the batch.

A bottling wand is necessary for bottling the beer as well as filling up each bottle evenly. A siphon must be used to transfer the beer from the fermenter to the bottling bucket. An auto-siphon is a great tool for transferring beer from one container to another without having to use gravity. This is a crucial step to avoid oxidation and ensure that your final product is as good as can be. These handy tools are essential for bottling or kegging your beer.

A carboy is another essential piece of brewing equipment. A carboy is a glass or plastic container that is used to hold the wort (unfermented beer) during fermentation. Carboys come in a variety of sizes, but most home brewers will use a five-gallon carboy for their batch size.

A brewing kettle is where the wort (unfermented beer) is boiled. The size of the brewing kettle will depend on the batch size that you are brewing.

An oxygen brewery wash is very useful for the post-brewing process and some extract packets of yeast and some no-rinse cleaners are optional but helpful tools to have on hand.

Brewing beer is a complex process that involves many different steps. In order to brew the perfect batch of beer, it is important to have the right tools on hand. With these essential tools, you will be well on your way to brewing delicious beer at home. Brewing is a fun and rewarding hobby that can save you money in the long run and impress your guests every time. Use the tips above to get started on your brewing journey today!

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