If you’re watching your calorie intake, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed at the bar or liquor store. Traditional beers and cocktails can carry a surprisingly high calorie count. Fortunately, new innovations in the alcohol industry are making it easier than ever to indulge in delicious drinks without packing on the pounds. Below, we’ll explore some of the low-calorie options available for those who are looking for a healthier drinking experience.

Light Beer

If you’re used to drinking beer, light beer could be a great option for you. Light beer contains fewer calories and less sugar than standard beers, which makes them an ideal choice for those trying to watch their waistlines. Light beers also have fewer carbohydrates than regular beers, so if you’re watching your carb intake as well as your calories, light beer is a great choice. If you like darker beers like stouts and porters, you can still benefit from light beer; just look for low-calorie versions of these kinds of beer.

Low Alcohol Spirits

Another option that has recently become popular is low alcohol spirits such as wine spritzers and shandies. These drinks typically contain lower levels of alcohol than traditional spirits (5-7% ABV vs 40% ABV) but still provide the same full flavor that many drinkers enjoy. Not only do they have fewer calories than standard cocktails, but they also take longer to drink since there’s less alcohol content overall. That means more time enjoying your beverage and less time having to worry about how much you’ve had!

Spirits with No Added Sugar

If you’re looking for something stronger than light beer or wine spritzers, look no further than spirits with no added sugar such as vodka or gin. These spirits are naturally low in calories (about 70 calories per 1 oz serving), so they won’t add too many extra unwanted kilojoules to your diet. Plus, if you mix them with soda water or unsweetened juice, they still make great low-calorie cocktails that will help keep your calorie consumption in check while still giving you plenty of flavor options to choose from.

For moderate drinkers looking to reduce their caloric intake without sacrificing taste or fun, there are now plenty of excellent low-calorie options available on the market today! From light beers and wine spritzers to no added sugar spirits and delicious cocktails made with unsweetened juices—there’s something for everyone who wants to have a good time without compromising their health goals. So go ahead—grab yourself an icy cold one (or several) and get ready for an enjoyable evening. Cheers!

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